1. APSMI Activities in 2019
9th Board of Directors Meeting
  The 9th Board of Directors Meeting was held on Tuesday October 22nd, 2019 in Beijing, under chairpersonship of Dr. Kaijing Yan, CNMA.
The Board approved the revision of APSMI Articles of Association, financial statements regarding 2018 and 2019, as well as budget for 2020.
The Board confirmed the registration of APSMI Secretariat as General Incorporated Association “Asia-Pacific Self-Medication Industry” (GIAAPSMI) in Japan. Also reported to the Board was compilation of APSMI Country Report 2019, which summarizes the member countries’ OTC regulations as well as the member Associations’ activities to promote self-medication. The Board discussed the future of Self-CARER.
G.P. Farmasi (Indonesia), KPBMA (Korea), JFSMI (Japan), TSMIA (Thailand) and TPMMA (Chinese Taipei) reported their country/region’s hot topics regarding self-medication. The topics included Rx/OTC switch, collaboration with healthcare professionals, inter alia, pharmacists.
2. Announcement
10th APSMI Board of Directors Meeting
  The 10th APSMI Board of Directors Meeting will be held in 2020 in Thailand.