Asia-Pacific Self-Medicaton Industry (APSMI)

APSMI was established on 5th November 2010 in Taipei, affiliated with World Self-Medication Industry as the regional association for Asia-Pacific area.
7 associations, China Nonprescription Medicines Association (CNMA), Consumer Healthcare Industry Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CHAP), Gabungan Perusahaan Farmasi Indonesia (G.P. Farmasi Indonesia), Japan Federation of Self-Medication Industries (JFPMA), Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association (KPBMA), Taiwan Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management Association (TPMMA) and Thai Self-Medication Industry Association (TSMIA), and 8 corporate members (Daiichi-Sankyo Healthcare, Kowa, Sato Pharmaceutical, SS Pharmaceutical, Takeda Consumer Healthcare, Taisho Pharmaceutical, Rohto Pharmaceutical, Zeria Pharmaceutical) join APSMI. The objectives, vision and mission of APSMI are below.

Objectives APSMI shall contribute the development of consumer healthcare industries, especially OTC industries in Asia-Pacific region with the consensus of the members to promote the responsible self-medication in Asia-Pacific region, and with the exchanging and sharing of information.
Vision To be recognized and act as the official body of the region, by the region, and for the region, to nurture the responsible self-medication environment, for consumers, healthcare professionals and health authorities.
a. Empowering consumers’ responsible self-medication as an integral part of the healthcare system.
b. Encouraging healthcare professionals to be involved in self-medication.
c. Promoting appropriate regulations to be enforced in cooperation with authorities.
1. APSMI Activities in 2018
8th Board of Directors Meeting
  The 8th Board of Directors Meeting was held on Friday 26th October 2017 in Jakarta.
The Board confirmed the new Chairperson, Dr. Kaijing Yan and approved the changes in some of the members. The Board appointed Dr. Toshiyoshi Tominaga as new Secretary-General.
The Board approved the revision of APSMI Articles of Association, financial statements regarding 2017 and 2018, as well as budget for 2019.
The Chairperson, Mr. Uehara, summarized his actions during his tenure (2016-2018) and insights on the situation of the aging Japanese society. He expressed his expectation for APSMI’s further progress for the “second stage” under new Chairperson. On the aging of society common in Asia, he pointed out a correlation between the progress of aging and the increase in the national medical expenditure and the tendency of the people to rely too much on professional medical treatments, not on self-care. He emphasized the importance of promoting self-care that could benefit whole society.
G.P. Farmasi (Indonesia), JFSMI (Japan), and TPMMA (Chinese Taipei) reported their country/region’s hot topics regarding self-medication. The topics included Rx/OTC switch, collaboration with healthcare professionals, inter alia, pharmacists.
Self-CARER (Self-Medication Collaborative ASIAN Regulator Expert Roundtable)
  APSMI has started to support the Asian OTC Authorities Roundtable Meeting (Self-CARER) to realize the future perspectives on OTC regulation in Asia which was published at APSMI General Assembly in Phuket, 2014.
Self- CARER Supporting Working Group
  APSMI has been supporting the Asian OTC Authorities Roundtable Meeting (Self-CARER) since 2014, in order to realize APSMI Perspective on OTC regulation in Asia, adopted in the same year by APSMI General Assembly. To support the Self-CARER, APSMI established Self-CARER Supporting Working Group in 2017.
The 4th Self-CARER was held from 19th to 22nd March, 2018 in Taipei, hosted by Taiwan FDA. APSMI collaborated with the regulators from the preparatory stage and in the open sessions of the meeting. The 4th Self-CARER included training of the regulators, open and closed discussion sessions that dealt with such topics as promotion of self-medication, OTC switch/ reclassification, increase in efficiency of registration/ review process, and future of Self-CARER.
Collaborative Network on Self-Medication
  APSMI built Collaborative Network on Self-Medication within its member-only Website to enhance information exchange among member associations.
Mr. Akira Uehara, APSMI Chairperson till Jakarta Board Meeting (Center)
Dr. Kaijing Yan, APSMI Chairperson after Jakarta Board Meeting (Right)
Dr. Toshiyoshi Tominaga, APSMI Secretary-General (Left)
2. APSMI Activity Plan for 2019
APSMI plans to place emphasis on the following activities in 2019.
  • Publishing Country Reports
  • Support for Self-CARER
  • Promotion of self-medication
  • Strengthening of Collaborative Network on Self-Medication
  • Enhancement in communication between corporate members
  • Membership enlargement
3. Announcement
4th APSMI General Assembly Meeting (GAM)
  The 4th APSMI General Assembly Meeting (GAM) will be held in China, in October 2019, together with the World Self-Medication Industry (WSMI) Board of Directors meeting as well as WSMI Asia-Pacific Regional Conference.